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Woman Crush Wednesday - Jacqueline Evans de López

Despite its deadly reputation, La Carrera Panamericana did not deter drivers from all over the world from giving it their best shot including actress, Jacqueline Evans de López who entered and competed in the race every year from 1950-1954 (the only woman to ever do so).

A Diamond In The Rough

When we made the decision to photograph Hobbs and his 71 Chevelle, the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Burlington Street seemed like an ideal location. It was the perfect juxtaposition.

Stand Ups at Sunset Beach

It's been too damn hot for dirt bikes, so we caught up with our buds at Sunset Beach for an afternoon of stand up jet skis and high fives.

Knobbies & Nibblies

We loaded the bikes up and went to visit our pals at Palatine Estate Winery. They promised us 100 acres of unkempt fields, grassy rows of vines, mounds of old crushed grape skins, dirt trails, and, of course, all the wine we could drink.

All New Steeltown Leather Goods

Our entirely new Steeltown Leather Goods collection is made by hand here in Southern Ontario from the highest quality unglazed harness leather for maximum durability.

Gear Up For Spring Riding

The 2020 riding season is upon us! And although it may be a bit different this year, you're still gonna need safe, stylish premium gear. Helmets from Biltwell, Bell, Daytona and DMD. Jackets from Joe Rocket, Resurgence Gear and Speed & Strength. Boots from Red Wing Heritage and Canada West. And our famous Steeltown Armoured Riding Gloves.

WCW: Women In Flight

Women Crush Wednesday: For a brand often associated with motorcycles, we talk about aviation a lot. Our pilot-buddy L...

Meet the Steeltown Rugby Shirt

They say rugby is a hooligan's sport played by gentlemen. We sure as hell don’t play rugby. But there’s something the...

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