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A 35mm Lookbook by Paige Tate

Summer is waning. There's dew on our motorcycle seats when we get up in the morning. The days are shorter. The leaves are about to change any minute, any second now. And the events of the past few months — the laughs, the miles, the sunsets, the hangovers, the challenges — are, right this very moment, becoming memories. Real life happenings are converting in the recesses of our brains into hazy recollections, snippets to be conjured and enjoyed in some not-so-distant future.

Our good friend and free spirit Paige hit the road earlier this summer with an Olympus Infinity camera, a couple rolls of 35mm film, and a very loose agenda. When we scroll through the photographs she captured we're reminded of this phenomena, this hazy transition from summer to fall. In these shots, memories are captured, immortalized, but not without that distinct grain of film, that dreaminess of analog.

So before summer is gone for good, here's a collection of laughs, of miles, of sunsets, of hangovers, and of challenges all baked lovingly into the little muddy brown squares of 35mm film negatives.
All pics shot by Paige Tate in Arizona, Florida and Los Angeles.
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