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Gone Riding

Gone Riding

Steeltown Garage Co Gone Riding South Africa

We've spent the better part of the last decade roaming the planet, meeting new people and hearing their stories, trying new things and learning how other cultures live, love and let loose. As much as we'd like to take all the credit for Steeltown Garage Co. it was really this time spent on the road that inspired and motivated us to build the business. It was our life abroad that taught us how to live at home.

We've been grounded for a couple years now while setting up a more permanent life here in Steeltown. It's been great, and we wouldn't have it any other way. But the time has come to strike back out upon the open road. The time has come to shake the dust off our wings, cross another ocean, and experience another way of life. The time has come to once again get out of our comfort zone.

But real life is more than a series of destinations. It's a series of journeys. It's cliché but true. When we look back, we think about processes not products. We think about the fight, not the win. Because the fight is where the fun is. This is why it's important to always push forward, onward and upward. It's important to always keep moving. In the words of Townes Van Zandt "where you've been is good and gone, all you keep is the getting there..."

Inspired by @VikPicCreative and @SammyLeeRadics, who connected the North American and South African moto-communities through their hard work with @TheMotoSocial, for the next two weeks we will be in Cape Town hanging with the cool kids. We'll be checking out @WoodstockMotoCo, @TheHouseOfMachines, @WolfMoto, @rbr_moto @LosMuertosMC, @TheGreasersGarage, @AnvlKraft and, of course, rolling up to #TheMotoSocialCAPETOWN on a Bonneville thanks to Triumph Cape Town.

The shop will be closed until February 28th. Any orders placed online are subject to shipping delays. Sorry in advance

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