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SOUND⚡WAVES 25 // The Interzone
Welcome to the future. The brave new world. Essentially, a soft-dystopia not all that different from today. Where we're still building walls and then fighting to tear them down. Where we're still electing despots and then revolting against them in the streets. Where we're still collectively haunted by this eerie feeling that we're just circling the rim of a giant crater.

Behold. Where we still don't have bloody flying cars, where robots are still not as cool as they were in 80s movies, where our pockets grow heavier still with the ever-expanding burden of all  human knowledge. And where the musicscape is now caught somewhere in the dark abstract between a dream and a nightmare, amidst an onslaught of synth, swept up in a dust cloud of gothic post-punk and vaguely Russian-pop debris.

What DJ Waves has hatched here is arguably the most unique, the most visceral, the most industrial, and generally the most 'out there' SOUND⚡WAVES playlist yet. A sort of shaken-not-stirred cocktail of old and new New Wave melancholia that will leave you dizzy and desperately googling "blade runner full movie streaming online free".

SOUND⚡WAVES 25 // The Interzone
Curated by DJ Waves
Presented by Steeltown Garage
Listen now below
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