SOUND⚡WAVES | Volume 7

SOUND⚡WAVES | Volume 7

Pack yer bags. We're goin' around the world on an epic journey of mind-bending rock n roll. And we're bringin' you with us. From grease-slicked Tokyo rockabilly, to distorted 60's Peruvian garage rock, to French ska, Qawwali Indian playback, and Malaysian skinny-jean prog-rock, with some snarly Aussie post-punk, Swedish hard rock, gender-bending Mexican underground garage-punk, cockney spoken word, and some Japanese surf-psych thrown in for good measure.

SOUND⚡WAVES Volume 7 is like nothing you've ever heard. It's deep. It's rich. It's eye opening. And it's wild. You won't understand most of it. But that's fine. Neither do we. SOUND⚡WAVES 7 is a testament to the fact that music transcends borders,  languages, religions, philosophies and ideals. Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, our delusion that we have some privileged position depending on where we live, where we born, are all challenged in this carefully curated, travel-inspiring compilation of rad tunes.

Carefully curated by DJ Waves
Presented by Steeltown Garage Co.

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