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Meet our new Waxed Canvas Track Bags

Meet our new Waxed Canvas Track Bags

We put a lot of work into these Waxed Canvas Steeltown Track Bags. For us, they represent the metamorphosis of Steeltown Garage Co. from a retail shop with some rad graphic tees into a fully fledged lifestyle brand.

We wanted them to be made by hand right here in Canada. We wanted them to be durable enough for a rugged lifestyle but sophisticated enough for day-to-day use. And we wanted them to be reasonably priced.

We designed them to fit both a modern full face helmets as well as a 15" MacBook in a silicon sleeve. The goal was to create a weather-resistant, waxed canvas bag that can be your ideal carry on, gym bag, weekender duffle, track companion or office bag (or all of the above).

Meet The Steeltown Track Bag.

Steeltown Waxed Canvas Track Bags - Hamilton Ontario

Our answer to a classic weekender duffle. The Steeltown Waxed Canvas Track Bag is handmade in Canada in small batches from high quality waxed honey canvas, premium Austin black leather, copper hardware and antique brass zippers, The Steeltown Track Bag is your new, fully-capable travel companion.
Steeltown Waxed Canvas Track Bags - Hamilton Ontario
With a classic, clean cut silhouette and a minimal amount of material, the Steeltown Track Bag is both super lightweight and also easily compacted, making it perfect for your weekend in the mountains, a longer trip into the wild or as spillover luggage that you can pack inside another suitcase. With a capacity somewhere between a weekend bag and a full on duffle, it can also be expanded by unclipping the side clasps which opens the bag up to its full size.
Steeltown Waxed Canvas Track Bags - Hamilton Ontario
Steeltown Waxed Canvas Track Bags - Hamilton Ontario
Designed specifically to be able to fit modern full-face helmets to make it perfect for days at the track, and also fit a 15" MacBook in a silicon sleeve for days at the office. Cause, if you're like us, you work as hard as you play. In its most compact form, The Track Bag is the perfect carry on, gym bag or overnighter.
Steeltown Waxed Canvas Track Bags - Hamilton Ontario
The base of the bag features double-layer canvas for added durability and because the body of the bag is 100% waxed cotton canvas, it's naturally weather resistant. Carry it as a duffle, or add on the handmade Austin black leather shoulder strap to make the Steeltown Track Bag a perfect over the shoulder companion.
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