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Stay Wild: Steeltown SS19 Preview

Stay Wild: Steeltown SS19 Preview

Spring Summer Steeltown Garage Collection Stay Wild Tiger

It seems like everyone and everything these days is trying to tame us. Just being yourself is the ultimate act of defiance, the ultimate rebel yell. And, because of this, we live in a world of extremes. Master or be mastered. Keep moving forward or be overtaken. Stay wild or be tamed.

But there is wisdom in the wild. There is a precious truth in the fight to be who you really are. Us? We're nomads, travellers, gypsies. We always will be. And for Steeltown's 2019 Spring/Summer collection, we looked to the road for inspiration. The long, winding path that stretches out before us all, goading us onward into the wilderness, into the abyss.

For some, that road into the wild is a journey to far off lands where adventure and mystery await. For others, it's a road inward, a pilgrimage of self-discovery. In both cases, the goal is the same: To find out who you really are, and to be unapologetically true to that person you find out there in the wild.

Our new Spring/Summer collection is designed for this journey, this discovery, this act of rebellion.

Steeltown Garage Co Screen printing New Collection Stay Wild

Steeltown Garage Co Screen Printing New Collection Stay Wild

Steeltown Garage Company Stay Wild New Collection Wisdom



We've gone back to the drawing board for this season. We've created an entirely new line of classic graphic tees which are, as always, true unisex fit, 100% cotton, designed by us and screenprinted right here in Hamilton. In addition to graphic tees, we also have some heavyweight 10 oz. cotton long sleeve shirts and even period-correct, old-school motocross jerseys just for having some fun in the dirt.

Stay Wild Steeltown Garage Company Hamilton Spring Summer Collection

Stay Wild Steeltown Garage Co New Collection Shirts

Steeltown Script Tee Spring Summer Preview Motorcycle

Steeltown Garage Stay Wild Monogram Spring Summer

Steeltown Garage Co Moto Jersey Retro Printing New Collection Stay Wild


We're also dropping multiple new hat designs for spring including a rad new 5-panel cap in two different colour ways, a retro foam patch trucker hat featuring our new shield logo and even a top-secret new limited edition version of our classic STLTWN Snapback. In keeping with tradition, all our hats for this collection are designed by us and embroidered and stitched right here in downtown Hamilton.

Stay Wild New Collection Preview Steeltown Garage 5 Panel Hat

Stay Wild Steeltown Garage Hamilton Spring Summer Trucker Hat


Life is best lived on the road, whether you're on a motorcycle, a skateboard, a bicycle, in an old beat-up pickup truck or just trekking through the wilderness on your own two feet. But no matter what mode of transport you prefer, you need the right provisions to help get you to where you're goin'.

So in our Spring/Summer collection, we're releasing a weather-resistant waxed canvas and leather Steeltown duffle bag made by hand right here in Canada, a copper insulated, double-walled 22oz Field Thermos capable of keeping liquids cold for 48 hours and hot for 12, and even a limited batch of professional Steeltown skateboard decks made from premium Canadian maple.

Steeltown Garage Track Bag Stay Wild Spring Summer Collection

Steeltown Garage Co Skateboard Deck Stay Wild Tiger

Steeltown Garage Company Field Thermos Spring Summer Preview

Track Bag Steeltown Garage Company Hamilton Stay Wild

Spring is around the corner. The still-hot embers of summers past continue to smoulder beneath the blanket of winter. And when the weather breaks, when the first rays of spring sun shoot through the late winter sky, we’ll be ready with a whole new collection of rad Steeltown stuff. It's our largest product release EVER.

It’s a collection we’ve worked hard on for months. It’s a collection that we made just for you. A collection to stoke the spirit. A reminder to savour the sunshine, to rebel against the masters, to pin the throttle, to stay true to yourself, whomever that may be. A reminder to stay wild.

Steeltown Garage Co Land Cruiser Stay Wild Coming Soon 

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