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No Glory in the West - A Playlist

No Glory in the West - A Playlist

We have a confession to make. We dig country music. But not really the beers and sunshine kinda country music. More like the yesterday's wine kinda country. The kinda country that drives a splintered stake right into the bleeding heart of the melancholic existence we all share.

Country music that expresses that dire moment at 2am when you sit awake, eyes peeled open wide on the stars, whiskey-soaked and wondering where the time went, wondering why you did that thing you did, and wondering why life and loss are so damn inextricably linked to one another.

The kinda country that says it's ok to be somber sometimes, that says life is hard and none of us are perfect, the kinda country that says all warm and boozy-breath'd: chin up kid, you're not alone.

Featuring Colter Wall, Waylong Jennings, Orville Peck, Townes Van Zandt, Willie Nelson, The Last Knife Fighter, Blaze Foley, Merle Haggard, Ryan Bingham, R.L. Burnside, Chris Stapleton, George Jones and more.

70 songs, 4 hours 14 minutes
Curated by Steeltown Garage Co
Presented on Spotify
Listen for free below.

No Glory In The West - A Dark Country Music Playlist by Steeltown Garage

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