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Visiting Hong Kong

Visiting Hong Kong's Angry Lane Leathers

There are cats in every corner of the world doing cool new things with motorcycles and motorcycle culture these days. From the obscure nooks and crannies of unheard of cities and towns to major epicentres of the world stage. With only a four day layover in Hong Kong, we couldn't hope to see it all, but we did manage to squeeze in a quick visit to Angry Lane Leathers on the southern shores of the bustling island.

High up on the 19th floor of a the Sing Teck Factory Building, a dingy old industrial tower shooting up out of the rapidly changing Wong Chuk Hang district in Hong Kong's "southside", French brothers Guillaume and Ben Borras have created a mecca of motorcycle building, apparel, accessories and rad vibes.

We caught up with Guillaume (and his aloof dog Clutch) and chatted about the shop, the famous Angry Lane leather jacket lineup, and about Hong Kong riding culture in general. Jeff and Guillaume also had a lot to chat about, as they are both Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Hosts in their respective cities.

Thanks to a solid background in designing and manufacturing apparel, from Japanese denim jeans to MotoGP leather suits and jackets, the brothers naturally started to make their own products, in addition to customizing bikes for some of Hong Kong's wealthiest folk.

They value products that are made to last, with quality fabrics, clean and timeless designs. Angry Lane is the first lifestyle brand of its kind in this part of the world and one of the hippest workshops, hangouts and retails space around. They've even had some of their awesome builds featured in Bike EXIF, like this rad SR500 Cafe Racer.

Check out Angry Lane's website or give them a follow on Instagram. 


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