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Meet Our Organic Fairtrade Coffee

Meet Our Organic Fairtrade Coffee

Life is too short to drink bad coffee

Steeltown Garage Co. Premium Coffee Beans are small-batch roasted in Ontario and sent to our store every week to guarantee freshness and quality. The beans are 100% certified organic and fair-trade, so it tastes as good on your conscience as it does on your tongue.

We sourced a blend that is perfect for both espresso and coffee, so it doesn't matter whether you like single shots, pour overs, french press, lattes or ol' fashioned drip. Our beans make for an understated but well-developed espresso, a great, robust cup of coffee, or a carefully-balanced latte or cappuccino.

Steeltown Garage Co. Coffee and Espresso Beans

You can come into the store and grab an espresso, latte, americano or cappuccino while you shop or take one to go while you soak up the scene on James Street North or Barton. And, of course, you can buy our premium beans, our bad-ass, commercial-grade coffee mugs and even an old school stove-top espresso moka so you can enjoy the Steeltown Garage Co. vibe in the comfort of your own home.


Steeltown Garage Co Coffee Bar

Caffeine & Gasoline: A History

The relationship between motorcycles and coffee dates back to the rebellious youth culture of 1960’s England. British motorcycle enthusiasts, specifically the Rocker or “Ton-Up Boys" subculture, laid the framework for cafe racer culture when they raced stripped-down, modified versions of popular motorcycles from one cafe to another. Through danger, speed, friendship and idleness the marriage of caffeine and gasoline was born and the streets haven't been the same since.

Coffee and Espresso at Steeltown Garage Co. inspired by the original cafe racers.

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Visting a Custom Minibike Garage in Osaka, Japan

On the fringes of Osaka's chaotic downtown core is a rad little garage, making rad little bikes specifically a custom raw metal Honda Dax which has enjoyed some serious attention and popularity on social media since Hoy, the garage's owner, completed it two years ago.

Tokyo's Coffee Shop Time Machine

Since its inception in 1948, Cafe de L’Ambre has defied the passage of time. It exists to this day as a monument to exceptional coffee that is roasted, brewed and served in its own unique way according to the processes and standards established by its late founder, Ichiro Sekiguchi, a centenarian who died in 2018 at 103.

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