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Steeltown Garage Co. Vintage motorcycle lifestyle and espresso in downtown Hamilton

Hey Hamilton! Welcome to Steeltown Garage Co.

Hey Hamilton. What's up?

Hamilton is an amazing city. Possibly one of the best. That's why we live, work and ride right downtown. We built Steeltown Garage Co. as an homage to this town's past, present and future. Like a vintage motorcycle, Hamilton is complimented by its history and age, not hurt by it. Sure, there's some cracks in the paint, but that's what makes it so rad. We also built Steeltown Garage Co. to be a place to hang out, to catch up with old friends, and to make new ones.

About Us

We are Jeff and Tania. If you come by the store, we'll be there so say hi! Jeff was raised in Mississauga and Tania was raised in Woodbridge but for the past eight years or we have been traveling the world and spending as much time soaking up international cultures as possible. Our time in Europe and Latin America introduced us to the growing cafe racer and vintage motorcycle scene. When we decided to set down roots to be closer to our friends and family, we chose Hamilton. We've spent lots of time in Hamilton over the years and have watched it grow, both as a city as well as a community. Being such a big motorcycle city as well, Hamilton also seemed like the perfect place to setup a cool vintage motorcycle business. So here we are.

Tania is a professional interior designer who is recovering from years spend in the fast-paced interior design and architecture world. She also has a degree in fine arts. Jeff has been a chef, film maker, author, journalist and callywag who has spent the last few years building custom motorcycles in his off time. Steeltown Garage Co. is a cocktail of these varied interests.

So, what is Steeltown Garage Co.

Long story short: Steeltown Garage Co. is a retail store at the corner of Barton St and James St North selling premium vintage-styled motorcycle gear, branded apparel, leather goods, vintage motorcycle art, books and magazines, as well as lifestyle products and accessories. We have a lot of cool shit. Honestly. Come check it out. But while you're here, grab an espresso, coffee, latte or tea at our authentic espresso bar. If you like what you taste, you can take our premium organic and fair-trade beans home.

Steeltown Garage Co. is not just a store for motorcyclists. In fact, we're not just a 'store' at all. Steeltown Garage Co. is a brand inspired by the city in which it was born, an espresso bar paying respect to an age-old European culture, a venue showcasing Hamilton's finest art and music, and a carefully considered retail experience offering the finest in riding gear, apparel, art, books, lifestyle accessories and more.

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The Bikeriders: The 1960s photography that inspired the film

The Bikeriders by Jeff Nichols and starring Jodie Comer, Austin Butler, Tom Hardy, and Norman Reedus, has been entertaining audiences for months now. But many people are surprised to hear that the film was actually inspired by a 1968 photo series by American photographer and filmmaker Danny Lyon.

Natsukashii - a vintage Japanese Kayōkyoku playlist by Steeltown

Definitely our strangest playlist yet. Before Japanese Idols and J-Pop there was Kayōkyoku. A genre of music influenced heavily by western rock and roll and usually had easy to follow melodies, sentimental narratives and straight forward lyrics designed to be relatable to the everyday Japanese person. 

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