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Happy New Year from STGC

Happy New Year from STGC

Steeltown Garage Co. Happy New Year Best Nine

When we look back at our best nine posts from Instagram this year, we see way more than just a handful of pics. We see memories. Each one etched into our minds with some everlasting impact. Moments in time that would have otherwise retreated into the thick forgotten fog of time, never to be experienced again. But here, we have some survivors. Things that we did or that we felt or that we encountered that are now part of us.

We experienced and championed the free spirit of the modern female rider. We made the decision to redirect portions of our revenue to those who need it most. We continued to feather the line separating history from 'nowness' by designing product that feels timeless. We hung out a little, we celebrated our 1st birthday, and we drank a shit load of great coffee. We took new friendships to even greater heights, we grew our rad little team, we partied. But most of all, we were constantly reminded of, and inspired by, the tenacity, the strength, the generosity, and the vitality of the community of which we are so grateful to be a part of.

But looking back can be dangerous. Gaze too long in the rear view mirror, and you will veer from your path ahead. Because memories are never precise duplicates of the original. They are altered by the passage of time. If you want to keep a memory pristine, you must not call upon it too often. Each time it is revisited, it's changed irrevocably. And so the exercise of conjuring a memory does not always bring us closer to the past but sometimes draws us farther away.

As the new year dawns, we are faced with a choice. A perennial dilemma. How much time do we spend looking in the rear view? And how much control do we exercise over the path before us? There's probably a perfect recipe, a golden ratio. Though we have no idea what it is. What we are sure of though is that the past is to be learned from. The present is to be lived in. And the future is ours for the taking.


Happy New Year, Hamilton!

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