SOUND⚡WAVES Retrowave Mix

SOUND⚡WAVES Retrowave Mix

When we first posted our 90s Steeltown Logo, y'all absolutely drowned us in comments. Over a hundred to not be exact. And in the mayhem, someone requested that DJ Waves create a retro playlist to go along with the product drop.

It was a swell idea. So Waves got busy compiling a truly unique retrowave inspired playlist that somehow avoids cliche and jettisons you back in time full throttle, the skin on yer face peeling back from the speed of the time-warp, the dizzying neon blur of colours passing you by, the electronic crescendo of synth rising like a Casio keyboard induced climax until BOOM it's Friday night, 7pm, and yer standing in the isle of yer local Blockbuster desperately searching for a VHS of Days of Thunder that hasn't been rented out.

Curated by DJ Waves
Presented by Steeltown Garage

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