Why bother trying to explain this October edition of SOUND⚡WAVES when Alfred Hitcock already did such a bang up job: 
"I trust that everyone is enjoying the music. As the title of the album suggests this was meant for your listening pleasure while you are being "done in". However, anyone may listen we have no intention to discriminate. After all, the murderer has as much right to enjoy himself as his victim. Which brings me to this very practical aspect of our album: if you turn the volume up very loud it will drown out screams."

So here for your listening pleasure is yet another truly unique Halloween inspired playlist filled to the brim with obscure spell castin', voodoo wieldin', grave diggin', midnight strollin', bloodlettin' tracks from sinners and scoundrels with a talent for tune.

Curated by DJ Waves / Presented by Steeltown Garage
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