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There's a heat wave comin'. So SOUND⚡WAVES 14 is all about chilling out and keeping yer cool. Largely instrumental and heavy on the vibe, it offers up a compilation of lesser-known tunes that will lull you into a mood where a cold, stiff drink enjoyed in the shade seems like the only option left for humanity.

So stock up on ice cubes and zig zags and fill yer weekend with some synth-heavy new wave, alternative hip-hop, retro-soul, psychedelic dub, French electro beat, and a little bit of jangly bedroom low-fi.

Curated by DJ Waves
Presented by Steeltown Garage Co.
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The Bikeriders: The 1960s photography that inspired the film

The Bikeriders by Jeff Nichols and starring Jodie Comer, Austin Butler, Tom Hardy, and Norman Reedus, has been entertaining audiences for months now. But many people are surprised to hear that the film was actually inspired by a 1968 photo series by American photographer and filmmaker Danny Lyon.

Natsukashii - a vintage Japanese Kayōkyoku playlist by Steeltown

Definitely our strangest playlist yet. Before Japanese Idols and J-Pop there was Kayōkyoku. A genre of music influenced heavily by western rock and roll and usually had easy to follow melodies, sentimental narratives and straight forward lyrics designed to be relatable to the everyday Japanese person. 

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