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There's a heat wave comin'. So SOUND⚡WAVES 14 is all about chilling out and keeping yer cool. Largely instrumental and heavy on the vibe, it offers up a compilation of lesser-known tunes that will lull you into a mood where a cold, stiff drink enjoyed in the shade seems like the only option left for humanity.

So stock up on ice cubes and zig zags and fill yer weekend with some synth-heavy new wave, alternative hip-hop, retro-soul, psychedelic dub, French electro beat, and a little bit of jangly bedroom low-fi.

Curated by DJ Waves
Presented by Steeltown Garage Co.
Listen now on Spotify
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Visting a Custom Minibike Garage in Osaka, Japan

On the fringes of Osaka's chaotic downtown core is a rad little garage, making rad little bikes specifically a custom raw metal Honda Dax which has enjoyed some serious attention and popularity on social media since Hoy, the garage's owner, completed it two years ago.

Tokyo's Coffee Shop Time Machine

Since its inception in 1948, Cafe de L’Ambre has defied the passage of time. It exists to this day as a monument to exceptional coffee that is roasted, brewed and served in its own unique way according to the processes and standards established by its late founder, Ichiro Sekiguchi, a centenarian who died in 2018 at 103.

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