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Over an hour and a half of vintage beach percussion, psychedelic instro surf rock and timeless summer twang that will leave you feeling like yer watching the pioneers of longboarding noseride a four-foot curl that's coming in so steadily from the right that it looks like it was made by a machine.
In the 15th Volume of SOUND⚡WAVES, DJ Waves strings together a retro surf rock playlist that expertly avoids cliche as it carves through musical genres, eras and styles. Featuring The Ventures, Surfer Joe, Toronto's own The Surfajettes, Satan’s Pilgrims, Dick Dale and His Del-Tones, The Cramps, Sandy Nelson, Les Mustangs, The Aqua Velvets, Los Straitjackets, The Mermen and more....
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Curated by DJ Waves
Presented by Steeltown Garage

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