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We're pretty stoked about this volume of SOUND⚡WAVES. Like, more stoked than usual. There's some very special shit going on here.

First off. It's our first hardcore playlist. No grungy blues riffs or rockabilly twang here, folks. Just a face melting suplex of stellar post-hardcore, punk, screamo and hard effin' rock. We don't play this stuff in the shop, for obvious reasons. But we know a helluva lotta you grew up thrashing to this shit and still do when you get the chance.

Our girl DJ Waves packed this playlist full with a few of our good moto buds including Matt Tobin from Dead And Divine & RITUAL and Liam Cormier from Cancer Bats as well as some amazing local talent like Hamilton's own The Dirty Nil and, of course, the OG's Alexis On Fire.

And seeing as though Matt Tobin can be heard on numerous tracks in the playlist, it only seemed fitting to make him do the key artwork for it as well. We sent him the track listing late on a Sunday night and by Monday morning this rad AF album artwork was loitering in our inbox.

So, push yer stoopid ikea coffee table aside, crack a couple cold ones and mosh like mad to volume #21 of SOUND⚡WAVES. Might wanna put the kids to bed first tho...

Alexis On Fire, RITUAL, Cancer Bats, The Dirty Dil, Power Trip, Knocked Loose, Mastadon, The OBGMs, No Warning, Viagra Boys, Real CroMags, Brutus and more

Steeltown Garage Sound Waves Hardcore Matt Tobin Art

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