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Curating a Christmas playlist actually worth listening to is high art. In fact, it's so rare, so elusive, so unlikely that it borders on sorcery. A sort of modern shamanism practiced only by musical witch doctors under the veil of darkness, as they comb the mighty depths of Spotify, speaking in tongues, screaming incantations, searching for the musical ingredients for their next great holiday brew.
DJ Waves has been called a witch before. We were there for it. She was stoked. She might've even blushed. So it's no shock that she concocted this rad but festive playlist that we affectionately refer to as Merry Crank'mas.
Featuring Chuck Berry, Julian Casablancas, The Ronettes, Earth Wind & Fire, Ramones, The Satans Pilgrims, Bloodshot Bill, James Brown, Perry Cuomo, The Drifters, Peggy Lee and more
Listen below on Spotify
Curated by DJ Waves
Presented by Steeltown Garage
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