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SOUND⚡WAVES | Volume 10

SOUND⚡WAVES | Volume 10

Love. It's a funny thing. It exists and perseveres in a bunch of crazy-ass ways. Unconditional or unrequited. Forever or for a moment. Heart-warming or heart-wrenching. But whether you’re single, searching, settled or just bloody sick of it all, odds are there’s a track that’s been penned over the years that perfectly articulates that feeling deep down in yer gut.

@DJ.Waves takes us on whirlwind tour of love-soaked rock ballads, break-up anthems, sorrowful three-chord blues and everything in-between. So whether you're part of the modern lovers or the lonely hearts club, sit back for a while and dig into Sound⚡Waves Volume 10.

Featuring Richard Hawley, Amyl and the Sniffers, John Lee Hooker, Roy Orbison, Mando Diao, Mystic Braves, Lady Gaga, Liam Gallagher, Elle King, Dan Auerbach, The Marias, Tito & Tarantula and more.

Curated by @DJ.Waves
Presented by @SteeltownGarage

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