SOUND⚡WAVES | Volume 11

SOUND⚡WAVES | Volume 11

We all need a release right now. We're stuck indoors, pin-balling around our houses aimlessly, trying to exhibit a modicum of self control instead of just scrolling our quarantine away on social media. But it's Friday. A day when spirits would normally run high and the pressures of the workweek would be exercised on crowded dance floors and in dimly-lit bars all over the world.

So pour yourself a drink and vibe out to SOUND⚡WAVES Volume 11. It's a fun mix of 70's prog rock, Peruvian surf tunes, classic ska, old-school hip hop, obscure dancehall tracks and some psychedelic chill wave for good measure. Turn it up. Let loose. And wash yer hands.

Curated by @DJ.Waves
Presented by @SteeltownGarage

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