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A few weeks ago we were mining the depths of Spotify for something fresh to play in the shop, something with high enough energy and a slick enough beat to keep the vibe alive, something that would unexpectedly match the roars and rumbles of motorcycles and old trucks coming and going, something that in all likelihood wasn't playing over the loud-speakers at any other shop in town. We landed on 'Black on Both Sides', the 1999 debut studio album by Brooklyn's prodigal son Mos Def.
As soon as DJ Waves heard what was going down, the basis for the next SOUNDWAVES was born. But Waves didn't just create another playlist jammed with all the old-school hip hop bangers and MC classics. That would've been too easy. And plus, there's already a thousand of those playlists on Spotify already.
Here, in Volume 19 of SOUNDWAVES, DJ Waves has woven together almost three hours of classic breakbeats, addictive pop-rap, old-school hip hop, trippy jazz-rap, alternative funk, and gritty rhythm and blues. From Young MC to Beastie Boys, Jurassic 5 to MIA, Fantastic Negro to Chakha Khan, Outkast to Lizzo, Digable Planets to Marlena Shaw, The Bongolians to Mos Def and more.
Curated by @DJ.Waves
Presented by @SteeltownGarage

Steeltown Garage Co. Sound Waves 19 Playlists for Free Spirits

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