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Knobbies & Nibblies

We loaded the bikes up and went to visit our pals at Palatine Estate Winery. They promised us 100 acres of unkempt fi...


There's a heat wave comin'. So SOUND⚡WAVES 14 is all about chilling out and keeping yer cool. Largely instrumental an...


Here lies a one hour and forty-five minute mangle of 70's influenced psychedelia, of genre-bending alt-rock, of deep...

All New Steeltown Leather Goods

Our entirely new Steeltown Leather Goods collection is made by hand here in Southern Ontario from the highest quality...

A Year of SOUND⚡WAVES / Vol #12

A whole year of SOUND ⚡ WAVES. Damn. It's hard to even write about without feeling like yer writing in the cool girl'...

Gear Up For Spring Riding

The 2020 riding season is upon us! And although it may be a bit different this year, you're still gonna need safe, st...

SOUND⚡WAVES | Volume 11

We all need a release right now. We're stuck indoors, pin-balling around our houses aimlessly, trying to exhibit a mo...

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Steeltown Garage is more than just a coffee shop. More than just a retail store. And more than just a brand. It's a m...

WCW: Women In Flight

Women Crush Wednesday: For a brand often associated with motorcycles, we talk about aviation a lot. Our pilot-buddy L...

SOUND⚡WAVES | Volume 10

Love. It's a funny thing. It exists and perseveres in a bunch of crazy-ass ways. Unconditional or unrequited. Forever...

Meet the Steeltown Rugby Shirt

They say rugby is a hooligan's sport played by gentlemen. We sure as hell don’t play rugby. But there’s something the...

SOUND⚡WAVES | Volume 9

Bet you thought all the New Years posts were over and done with, didn't ya? Well, we got one more for ya. Our girl @...

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Steeltown Melton Wool Snapback


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